Backup / Archive Solutions On Clustered NAS


Overland Storage have introduced a new Cloud Storage solution with their new SnapScale systems, ideal for Managed Service Providers offering Hosted Storage for backup or Cloud Based backup Storage Platforms.

The primary considerations for a Managed Service provider offering Storage-as-a-Service or Backup-as-a-Service are unlimited scaling of performance, unlimited increase of capacity without service disruption and reliability. Most service provider will want to be able to start small keeping initial cost down and be able to scale in terms of capacity and performance as more customers take on the service.

SnapScale addresses the business viability for the MSP provider. Starting with a small footprint and minimal 3-node configuration of 24TB, it can scales up to well over 500PB with hundreds of nodes.

Overland differentiates their solutions with exceptional value, capacity and performance scalability compared with traditional storage vendors. SnapScale Clustered NAS systems provide a High-Available (99.999% uptime) data protection environment that scales effortlessly in performance and capacity at a fraction of the cost of other leading vendor solutions, and offers flexible application support thorugh a wide range of file protocols including SMB(1.0, 2.0, 2.1), CIFS(NTLM), CIFS(via Mac OSX), NFS v3, UDP/TCP, FTP/FTPS, HTTP/HTTPS.

Scalability in Performance and Capacity

As a centralised storage system, SnapScale combines true scalability in performance and capacity, and backed with reliability through no single point of failure in the solution.

Each Cluster consists of automated protection from HDD failures or Node failures within the system OS and maintains full accessibility of data and files for users at all times. Combine this with automated recovery from individual HDD failures or Node failures ensuring the system remains at the highest possible protection status at all times thru Drive Peering that delivers administrator defined drive protection and 10x faster data recovery from a disk failure.

Scales with Ease

Solutions start at 24 TB and scale to over 500 PB. Scalability is not limited to capacity expansion, with performance increasing as additional nodes are added. With a Global name space assigned, additional nodes are added at will and report into the management console when they connect to the network to be assigned to the existing Name Space cluster or they can be added to a new Name Space Cluster. Literally it takes a few mouse clicks to add a new node to an existing Cluster Name Space.

Each node is built on 6 Core Intel Processors, 64GB Ram per node and available with 1Gbit or 10Gbit network SFP+ ports. Data is striped across nodes delivering true scalable performance, increasing as capacity expands across the Name Space volume through additional nodes as they are added. Management Utilities enable automated Hot-Spare and Data redistribution evenly across nodes to maximise performance and system reliability.

Integrates Easily into your Environment 

Integrate with VEAM, CommVault, or Symantec for automated Disk-to-Disk Backup solutions that deliver a highly scalable, reliable, easy-to-manage and economical disk-based backup for organisations. An ideal Disaster Recovery solution for organisations when integrated with Overland’s Snap EDR replication software for multi-site Backup Replication.


Want to know more? 

Contact Lan 1's IP Storage Business Manager for more information on the Clustered NAS Solutions from Overland Storage.

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IP Storage Business Manager

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